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Dark Angel

9 June 1980
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I'm the wierd friend that everyone talks about. I drive an ambulance and want to live in a light house. I'm the person that keeps your kid entertained only to send them home full of candy and bad habbits. If ever you need someone to back you in a tough situation, I'm the one you call. Most people are intimidated of me for some reason unknown. I'm just a happy naked person, peacful and quiet, until someone treads on my bad side. I know a lot of people but have very few friends. Most of them are half way around the globe. I am very forward and I tell it like it is even if you don't like it. I don't take shit from anyone and I do expect the truth from everyone.
70's rock, 80's music, agents of sorp, alice in wonderland, ambulance, amusement parks, anime, architecture, army, art, artcars, assalt vehicals, bass guitar, beauty, black, castles, celtic heritage, celtic lore, cemetaries, civil defense equipment, construction sites, corporate goth, crossbows, crystal skulls, cybergoth, czerka, deconstruction, delivering singing bitch-slaps, denver hearse association, discoveries, dragons, enya, fabrication, fetish, firefly, frogs, garb, goth, gothic, guitar, guns, haunting, hearses, historical places, history, hope, horror movies, hospitals, hydrogen power, iceland, immortality, industrial, industrial music, lighthouses, lightning, literature, love, martial arts, mechanics, medieval life, medieval times, meditation, memories, metal, metal fabrication, metallurgy, miniguns, mischief meyhem, modification, motorcycles, mushrooms, music, nintendo, nobility, norway, ocean, old cars, operation impending doom, outdoors, passion, philosophy, physics, piano, pirates, power tools, power-armor design, purity, pyrotechnics, quantum nucleonic reactor, questioning everything...yes even you, rain, random outbursts, reading, renassaunce re-enactments, renfaire, research, road trips, s.c.a.v.e.n.g.e.r., sarcasm, sca, sculpting, sculpture, secret places, self control, serenity, servival training, sex, silent hill, sky diving, sorp, spirituality, staying true to myself, stone, storms, swords, the coalition against drama, the ocean, the past, the present, travel, truth, victorian design, welding, world domination